Caring for my nervous puppy
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Caring for my nervous puppy

My puppy is a bit of a nervous little thing. When we got her we thought it might be good to have a dog for security reasons but I think that she would just hide from any noise she heard! When we go to work she gets anxious and makes a lot of yipping noises which are driving our next door neighbour crazy. We need to stay friends with our neighbours so we started Penny in doggy daycare and it's making so much difference. She's more confident and looked after and we are less stressed about her. This blog has tips on choosing a good doggy daycare.

Caring for my nervous puppy

Cat boarding for a cross country move

Lonnie Hayes

If you are making a big move across the country it can be a stressful to contemplate how you will deal with your cat. Cat's do not tend to enjoy moving as they tend to be very attached to their living space. Here are some tips to make it as easy as possible for you and your cat. 

Place your cat into boarding in your city before you start packing

Cats tend to pick up on the mood of a location and can get worried when all of their favourite items start disappearing in boxes and their owner seems a little stressed. It is a good idea to take them to a local boarding facility so that you don't end up with a cat that hides under the house, up a tree or in another location where you cannot extract them. 

Research cat boarding facilities in your new location

If you are making a big move you won't usually be able to make a personal visit to each cat boarding facility but you can get some great information about potential facilities. You can often make video calls to potential boarding facilities and get a chance to see some of the cats in the space. You can also often get good information from pet boards and web forums that are in the town that you are in, as you can ask posters any specific questions or queries that you have about the facility from people who have used it. 

Allow some time to unpack your new home before you bring the cat home

Once you've found a new home leave a couple of extra days to unpack your stuff before you introduce the cat to the new house. This allows you to get things calm and peaceful as well as getting all of the items that smell like home in place for your cat.  As cats are very sensitive to smell and texture having these items close by can help the cat to feel more relaxed. 

If your cat is an outdoor cat it is a good idea to keep them inside for the first few days, so that they don't get scared by new sound and noises in the new neighbourhood. 

While moving across the country can be stressful, by choosing the right cat boarding facility. This can help to keep your cat safe and secure so that you can get the house moved and the new home set up. For more information, contact companies like Penfield Kennels & Cattery.