Caring for my nervous puppy
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Caring for my nervous puppy

My puppy is a bit of a nervous little thing. When we got her we thought it might be good to have a dog for security reasons but I think that she would just hide from any noise she heard! When we go to work she gets anxious and makes a lot of yipping noises which are driving our next door neighbour crazy. We need to stay friends with our neighbours so we started Penny in doggy daycare and it's making so much difference. She's more confident and looked after and we are less stressed about her. This blog has tips on choosing a good doggy daycare.

Caring for my nervous puppy

If Your Dog Has a Separation Anxiety Problem, Do This When Leaving It at A Boarding Kennel for the First Time

Lonnie Hayes

Dogs are good companions, which is why when you own one, you will want to take good care of it. However, situations such as vacations or long business trips may compel you to leave your dog behind. When this happens, a friend or neighbour may not be able give it the proper care it deserves perhaps because they could be busy or may lack the experience. For this reason, leaving the dog in a boarding kennel would be the best solution. Unfortunately, this is not always easy for all dogs. Even if the boarding kennel you intend to leave your dog offers the best services, its entire stay could be stressful if the dog has a separation anxiety problem. To prevent this, here is what you should do.

Choose a Boarding Kennel that Offers Dog Exercises

Exercising is one way to help your dog feel relaxed. Therefore, when choosing a boarding kennel, make sure the facility has dog exercise pens.

Visit the Kennel with Your Dog a Few Times Before Leaving

Taking your dog to the boarding kennel the day you are leaving will be stressful on the dog. Therefore, start by booking the dog's stay in advance. Once this is settled, talk to the staff and let them know of the dog's problem. This way, it will be easy for you to take the dog along to the boarding kennels a couple of times before you leave. In most cases, the staff will even help tour the dog around the kennels. By doing this, you are helping your dog familiarise with the environment as well as the staff who will be taking care of it while you are away. This will in turn reduce the panic or anxiety of the dog when you take it to stay.

Pack Carefully

Dogs with a separation anxiety problem require reminders of their home. Therefore, don't forget your dog's favourite toys, blankets, or water bowls. You can even include a shirt or pillowcase with your smell. Familiar smells and sights can help the dog feel less stressed. Besides, toys will help the dog keep itself occupied and this can make it less anxious.

Hasten Your Departure

Leave as quickly as you can. Dogs tend to react to the energy of their owners. Therefore, a drawn-out farewell will only heighten your dog's separation anxiety, stressing it even more. Leaving quickly is one way to stay calm, which means your dog will remain calm too because it will feel no need to be anxious.