Caring for my nervous puppy
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Caring for my nervous puppy

My puppy is a bit of a nervous little thing. When we got her we thought it might be good to have a dog for security reasons but I think that she would just hide from any noise she heard! When we go to work she gets anxious and makes a lot of yipping noises which are driving our next door neighbour crazy. We need to stay friends with our neighbours so we started Penny in doggy daycare and it's making so much difference. She's more confident and looked after and we are less stressed about her. This blog has tips on choosing a good doggy daycare.

Caring for my nervous puppy

Keeping your cat healthy while they are in cat boarding

Lonnie Hayes

It's important to try and manage your cat's health while they are spending time in cat boarding so that you can feel confident that they are having a great time while you are on holiday. Here are some tips to keep your cat healthy. 

Have separate living quarters

Cats are naturally solitary creatures and prefer to stay in separate quarters. They can contract infectious diseases if they are kept in close quarters with other cats as well as potentially catching diseases or infections related to fighting (bites, scratches and similar injuries are common when fighting). Additionally, cats who are feeling stressed when living in a new location and being too close to other animals may have a lower immunity to diseases.

Often placing a blanket or cushion from home in the living quarters can help the cat to adjust to their conditions and help the quarters to feel more comfortable. Be sure to check out the living quarters of any cat boarding facilities that you are visiting to ensure that the cats have suitable space to stay in. Be sure to ask them to show you how they prepare the area at night so that you can see if your cat will be able to sleep in there. 

Get their vaccinations up to date

It's easy to get behind with your animal vaccinations, but it is very important that cats who are going into cat boarding have their vaccinations up to date. The recommendations on cat vaccinations can also change so be sure to have a quick chat to your vet before you book your cat into boarding and check if they need to head in for an extra vaccination. 

Keep their food consistent

If your pet is used to a specific food brand or type, it is a good idea to ask the cat boarding facility to continue with this food while you are away. The process of changing food can lead to digestive upsets, particularly in an animal that is already a little stressed. 

If you are going on holiday, it's a good idea to do some extra research to ensure that the boarding facility will help your cat to stay healthy as well as happy while you are away. Most boarding facilities are happy to let prospective cat boarders tour facilities and ask questions so that you feel comfortable with leaving your cat in their care while you are away.